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Faculty of electrical engineering

The faculty was established in 1962. Dean of the faculty is Rohoza Mykhailo Valentynovych, Candidate of technical sciences, Professor of the Department of Power Engineering. Directions of scientific activity: research and development of electrical equipment for power supply systems, power electronics, contactless transport. Holds the position of Dean since 2020.

The dean's office: building 1, room 30. Тel.: +38(056) 745-36-06        
E-mail: rogozam
@nmu.org.ua or Rohoza.M.V@nmu.one

  1. Department of electric power engineering
  2. Department of electric drive
  3. Department of electrical engineering
  4. Department of cyberphysical and information-measuring systems
  5. Department of translation

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering trains the specialists:

specialty - 035 Philology

Specialization: 035.041 Germanic languages and literatures (translation included), the first - English.

Specialty - 141 Electric power, electrical engineering and electromechanics

Professional directions:

1.Intelligent power supply systems, non-traditional and renewable energy sources, energy management and energy audit

2.Electric drive, mechatronics and robotics

Specialty - 151 Automation and computer-integrated technologies

Specialty - 152 Metrology and information-measuring technology

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